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Web Ads and TV Spots, Events, Fashion Shows, Video Look Books, Behind the Scenes of Photo shoots.  LeGrand Media has numerous demo videos available in diverse genres.  Please contact us at LeGrandMedia@yahoo.com and we can direct you to appropriate high quality video samples. 


Advertising and Product Photography, Look Books, Model Portfolios, Fashion Shows, Events, Headshots... For higher quality still photo portfolio samples please our the Flickr photo page. See the "Fashion & Apparel" set.

Your media presentation is a critical component of your business.  With the advent of affordable digital motion picture production, what was once the exclusive domain of companies with large advertising budgets is now accessible to companies with modest budgets.  You now have the capability to have your own "TV" commerical running on your website 24/7.

A study conducted by Yahoo which tracked trends of internet video advertising reported the following: "We found that for professional videos, viewers are significantly more likely to remember seeing the ad, retain product information and recall the brand being adverstised..."


"LeGrand Media created a series of videos portraying the importance of our services to the industry... They were incredibly effective".
Frances Harder, Founder
Fashion Business Inc.

"The production values, the movement, the imagery... LeGrand Media delivered an unbelievable product for the budget".
Alex Angelino, Owner
Angelino Men's Wear

LeGrand Media


Contact information: Hudson LeGrand – LeGrand Media

Tel: 213 426 0423


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